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Since 1989 Discover Films Video has focused on “gateway drug” (alcohol, marijuana and tobacco) prevention--to educate and inform middle school and high school students using a peer education model that engages and motivates students to make healthy choices.

We have always strived to help teachers, guidance counselors, law enforcement school presenters and health professionals committed to gateway drug prevention because these substances are proven to be “initiates,” that introduce kids to an unhealthy lifestyle that for many leads to tragic consequences.

BINGE DRINKING BLOWOUT 2.0 – Suggested List Price * - $99
In high school news travels fast and bad news moves at lightning speed. A cell phone text conversation informs us that Justin is dead after “passing out” playing “Hot Shots,” a drinking game. This texting conversation opens Binge Drinking Blowout, a “no-use” message documentary focusing on how excessive drinking affects young adults. Students share experiences of blackouts, violence, date rape encounters, and alcohol poisoning emergencies, while friends and families of victims tell students about the heavy price they paid. Throughout, we periodically return to the story of Justin, finding a Facebook “in memoriam” page to him, and then learning through a chat conversation that Bruce has been arrested for causing Justin’s death. As the chats continue we learn that Bruce is also accused of sexually assaulting a young woman he plied with alcohol.

Binge Drinking Blowout teaches that mixing drugs with alcohol is lethal and that “partying” has serious consequences not to be ignored. 21 minutes.

SMOKING: THE TOXIC TRUTH 2.0 - Suggested List Price *- $99
Jill texts Zoey with the news that she has broken up with her boyfriend, Brady, because of his smoking. A familiar exchange from teenagers about relationships opens Smoking the Toxic Truth, a tobacco prevention video that discourages young people from smoking. They meet Terry Jones, a larynx cancer patient. Terry’s teenage son laments that his Dad is different now that he has cancer, brought on himself by smoking. Terry’s doctor warns: “There is no question that tobacco smoke is the prime cause of cancer of the larynx.” Throughout the show, Jill and Zoey continue chatting online about the negatives of smoking and how it divides teens socially. On a Facebook page, we learn that Brady gets kicked off the basketball team for smoking, and is now hanging out with a drug-using crowd.

In a positive conclusion, this documentary video features teens warning their peers about tobacco toxicity and addiction, giving them the good advice to say “No” to smoking. 24 minutes.

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON ALCOHOL 2.0 Suggested List Price *- $99
Popular high school students present groundbreaking information about the effects of alcohol on developing brains for middle school students. New studies show that the brain builds its basic capacities for the future during adolescent years. Alcohol use during this time has a major impact because it disrupts the growing brain's plasticity.

This Is Your Brain On Alcohol delivers the evidence that the brain continues to develop all the way until the age of 24. The message to middle school students in this peer education video is clear: Alcohol use is neither healthy nor cool; most kids do not use it; and those who do risk irreversible damage to their developing brains. 17 minutes.

TOBACCO HORROR PICTURE SHOW 2.0 - Suggested List Price * - $99
A student sends his younger brother a text message, saying he saw him out behind the school smoking with some other kids. Lil’ Bro tells him to back off and quit being a hypocrite, since he used to smoke too. But big brother doesn’t give up. This chat between brothers kicks off Tobacco Horror Picture Show, a hit video combining humor with horror in a memorable format to drive home the message that nicotine hooks you, while tar in tobacco kills you. Featured is Debi Austin, a throat cancer victim who smokes through the stoma opening in her neck where her larynx used to be. In the video, dramatic presentations by “vampires” and other horror genre characters are balanced with interviews from recovering teen smokers and dippers who offer sage advice to fellow students: “Don't start!”

Peppered throughout, online chats reveal the older brother working tirelessly to convince the younger to quit smoking, and the story ends positively when he’s finally successful…and even gets a public Facebook “Thank you!” from his little brother. 25 minutes.

MARIJUANA: THE GATEWAY DRUG 2.0 - Suggested List Price *- $99
Logan texts Lee the shocking news that Dana has been kicked out of school for smoking marijuana on campus. Lee thinks the school administration is wrong for making such a big deal since “it’s only weed.” Logan thinks Dana made a big mistake, risking everything by smoking pot. This typical debate between students leads this marijuana prevention video, with students who’ve learned the hard way passing on their knowledge that marijuana starts a lifestyle of drug use. Their first joint can lead students to hard drugs, prison, or even death. Former teen users beg students not to take that step.

Logan and Lee keep chatting through the show, and eventually Dana gets her act together, successfully completing drug treatment. Marijuana: the Gateway Drug has a strong anti-drug message: marijuana is not a harmless drug—it’s illegal and its use brings harsh consequences. 22 minutes.

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